Monday, February 8, 2016

What You Can Do

  • Employers must prohibit smoking, remove ashtrays, and post appropriate “No Smoking” signs.

Ohio's Smoke-Free Workplace

Ohio’s Smoke-Free Workplace Program ensures that all work environments in the state are completely smoke-free. Public Health responds to complaints regarding smoking in any workplace in the county.

Common Questions

As a business owner, what are my responsibilities?
Employers must prohibit smoking in public places, and places of employment. Ashtrays and other smoking receptacles must be removed from the facility. “No Smoking” signs must be posted with the number to report violations 1-866-559-OHIO.
Can I build a smoking patio outside my business?
Smoking patios are permitted as long as they meet Ohio Administrative Rule 3701-52-01. Contact Public Health and your local building/zoning office for further questions and approval.
How far do I have to stand outside the door to smoke?
There is no set distance you have to be away from the door; however, smoke cannot enter the building.