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Services Provided

  • Treatment for substance abuse and gambling
  • Prevention
  • Intervention

What You Can Do

  • Walk in for immediate services or call to schedule an Assessment for substance use or gambling at cadas (937) 461-5223. (See address on right)

Center for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction (cadas)

The Center for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Services (cadas) provides substance abuse treatment, problem gambling treatment, prevention, and intervention services.  We help individuals and families respond to the devastation of alcohol, gambling and chemical dependency.
Treatment Services Include:

  • Screening and Assessment
  • Outpatient counseling
  • Intensive outpatient counseling
  • Family counseling

Prevention Services Include:

  • Celebrating Families – classroom and home-based education for children and their families (meals included)
  • Seasons – classroom and home-visit education for adults
  • Risky Business – helping kids and their parents understand

Specialty Care Groups Include:

  • Women’s Trauma Group – assists those who have experienced trauma
  • Young Peoples’ Group – helps with the day-to-day challenges of coping with life
  • Male Awareness Group – deals with substance issues unique to men
  • MAT Awareness Group – helps those using Medication Assistance Treatment during their recovery

What do I need to do to receive cadas services?

Call cadas at (937) 461-5223. Schedule an assessment for your alcohol, drug or gambling behavior or walk in and receive immediate access to services. The assessment will be completed by a professional licensed counselor. Treatment options will be offered.

Ways to pay:

  • Cadas accepts Medicaid. Montgomery County residents without insurance will need to apply for Medicaid Benefits (with substance abuse services included)
  • If you are not eligible for Medicaid, fees will be adjusted based on the ability to pay
  • Non-Montgomery County residents can receive treatment, but must pay for services through Medicaid (that includes substance abuse treatment) or other payment source
  • Self-pay is an option.
  • Cadas does not accept private insurance
  • Gambling services are free for any Montgomery County resident

Cadas works closely with ADAMHS, OMHAS, Montgomery County Courts and Probation Departments, Children’s Services Board, Head Start, Homefull, Places, the Job Center, OASIS House, Montgomery County Office of Ex-Offender Reentry and many others to help meet our clients’ needs. Cadas has a close relationship with a variety of support systems including AA, NA, Al-Anon, GA, and Families of Addicts (FOA).

Common Questions

Diagnosis... What does that mean?
Diagnosis is based on:
  • Kind of problems
  • Number of problems
  • How serious are your problems
  • How long you have been using
  • How much you use
How long are the various treatment programs?
That depends, generally, the Adult Outpatient Program lasts approximately 16 weeks. However, this depends on:
  • The individual’s commitment to change
  • Progress in treatment
  • How bad the problems are when using
Some individuals with a “mild substance use or gambling disorder” diagnosis may have shorter outpatient involvement.
What do people do in treatment?
In Outpatient, individuals attend education groups to learn about addiction. Group therapy sessions promote learning and build coping skills to prevent gambling or using alcohol and drugs. They attend individual counseling sessions where goals are set and progress is evaluated. Individual sessions can be used to discuss private information they may not feel comfortable discussing in groups. Sometimes homework is assigned to help learn new coping skills needed for recovery. Participants are encouraged to attend and learn about community supports for recovery.
More Common Questions

Our Partners

Prostitution Intervention Collaborative  
Montgomery County’s Suicide Prevention Coalition  
Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Drug Court  
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Downloadable Files

AOD Task Force report
On January 25, 2011 the County Commissioners approved the Montgomery County Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Abuse Task Force report. NOTE: File is in PDF format. Size is > 15 megabytes.