The Community Health Outreach Program is a team of health professionals including registered nurses and community health advocates. The staff focuses on the health needs and services of the community. Emphasis is placed on health promotion, prevention, and developing links to community resources through health screenings, education and referrals.



Do I have to pay for services?

No, there are no fees involved for our services.

Does your program offer assistance with Medicaid applications and enrolling for the Affordable Care Act?

The program has staff who will assist with applications.

Does your program provide health screenings?

Yes, the program provides health screenings at various sites.

Will your program assist in completing Medicaid applications?

Yes, we have staff that will help you complete and submit your Medicaid application.

Will your program participate in our health fair?

Yes. If you are having a health fair, you can call (937) 225-5700 and we will try to coordinate this service.

Does your program offer any health education presentations?

The program offers a variety of health topic presentations for adults and children.

Does your program provide assistance with head lice?

Yes, the program has a nurse available to make a home visit to assist and educate the family in getting rid of head lice.

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