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A Community Health Assessment (CHA) completed by Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County (PHDMC) in 2014 presented an evaluation of the health issues and health status of the County’s population. In an effort to improve the health of Montgomery County, PHDMC solicited support from community stakeholders in the development of a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The CHIP is a long-term plan that identifies health priorities, goals, objectives, and action steps that can be used by community organizations to guide them in the development of projects, programs, and policies that are aimed at improving the health of Montgomery County’s residents.

Over 35 community organizations participated in the CHIP development process, and representatives from these organizations served as members of the Steering Committee, Stakeholder Group, and Workgroups. The small Steering Committee oversaw the development of the CHIP. The Stakeholder Group, which represented a larger, more diverse group of organizational representatives, used data collected in the CHA to select the three health priorities:

Birth Outcomes, Chronic Disease Prevention, and Behavioral Health

Additionally, the Stakeholders were also responsible for developing a vision for the health of Montgomery County. Once the health priorities were selected, an on-line survey was deployed in the community to solicit residents' input on possible actions that could be taken to address the priorities. Workgroups for each priority area met frequently to create action plans that detailed specific goals, objectives, and measures that will be used to address these priorities and track progress.

The Workgroups and the Stakeholder Group were asked to consider several overarching principles as they selected the health priorities and created action plans. These principles included the concepts of Collective Impact and Systems-Level Thinking; the tiers of the Health Impact Pyramid; and priority alignment with other county, state, and national health improvement initiatives.

Implementation of the CHIP will begin in mid-2016. On an annual basis, PHDMC will publish a report outlining the progress made accomplishing the goals outlined in the action plans. Revisions to the plan may occur based on the annual review. The CHIP is slated to be implemented over a four year period (2016-2019). Following the next CHA in 2019, the Community Health Improvement Planning process will begin again.

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