Infant Mortality Task Force Goals

  • Reduce preterm births
  • Reduce substance misuse in pregnant women and mothers of infants
  • Weave social determinants of health into all strategies to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in infant mortality
Lead Agencies

EveryOne Reach One was established in 2017 with the goal of reducing the infant mortality rate in Montgomery County to 6.0 by the year 2020.

Infant Mortality is the key long-term indicator for birth outcomes as well as for overall community health and well-being.

EveryOne Reach One is poised to address this important yet complex issue. It will address these issues by developing plans of action to address: preterm and low birth weight babies – the leading cause of infant deaths in our community; Prevention – helping mothers have access to resources that provide adequate birth spacing; Education and Community Engagement – providing support within the community to elevate awareness about this pertinent issue; Racial Disparity – develop strategies to reduce the gap of birth outcomes between African-American and White-American babies; Social Determinants of Health - address the hidden issues that often get in the way of patients seeking and continuing care; Reduce Substance Misuse – address ways drugs and alcohol impact the health of the infant; Access to Care – address ways to assist pregnant women to access care early and often; Fatherhood Coalition – address ways to include fathers in the entire pregnancy, birthing, and infant experience.

  • Terra Williams - Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County
  • John Theobald - Montgomery County
  • Jeraldine Pegues - Montgomery County
  • Pam Albers - Help Me Grow
  • Gina McFarlane-El - Five Rivers Health Centers
  • Janet Schreel - Life Stages
  • Brian Bucklew - GDAHA
  • Cindy Currell - Catholic Social Services
  • Gregg Hopkins - Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton
  • Jonathan Thackeray – Dayton Children’s Hospital
  • Quincy Pope - City of Trotwood
  • Mother/Father - who has experienced a lost
  • Erin Ritter - City of Dayton
  • Jennifer Heapy - Greater Dayton Premier Management
  • Robert Lyons – West Dayton Health Promotion Partnership
  • Shaun Hamilton – Premier Health
  • Miriam Cartmell - Kettering Health Network
  • Jewell Good - Job and Family Services
Community Resources

Baby & Me - Tobacco Free - 496-3376
A smoking cessation program for women before and after their pregnancy.

Catholic Social Services - 223-7217
Pregnancy Counseling, Home-based Parenting Education, Family Stabilization and Support and Food Pantry.

Five Rivers Center for Women’s Health - 208-2007
Prenatal Care, Centering Pregnancy, Free Pregnancy Tests and Healthy Start Program.

Help Me Grow Brighter Futures - 208-4769
Home Visiting programs to improve birth outcomes, enhance child development, and increase self-sufficiency.

Holy Family Prenatal Care - 228-4492
Prenatal Care, and Free Pregnancy Tests.

Lifestages Centers for Women - 277-8988
Prenatal Care and Centering Pregnancy.

Moms & Babies First - 224-3696
Home visiting program to educate the mother’s about infant care.





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