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Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County and the EveryOne Reach One Maternal & Infant Vitality Task Force is launching a free Safe Sleep Ambassador training program for parents, family members, caregivers and friends to educate the public about the proper way to care for sleeping babies.

In 2019, there were 10 infant deaths related to unsafe sleep practices in Montgomery County.
“It is critical to remember every safe sleep related infant death is preventable,” said Jeff Cooper, Montgomery County Health Commissioner.

Safe Sleep Ambassador participants are only required to attend one training session. The classes are free and will take place at the Drew Health Center, located at 1323 W. Third St. in Dayton from 9 – 11:00 am. Light refreshments will be served.

Safe Sleep Ambassador Training class schedule:
Saturday, February 29 - Saturday, March 28 - Saturday, April 25 - Saturday, May 30 - Saturday, June 27

To register visit www.phdmc.org and click on events. For questions about the program contact Angela Grayson at (937) 496-6831.

Proper safe sleep procedures will be taught as part of the classes. The public is reminded that infants should always sleep Alone, on their Back and in a Crib. There should be nothing loose placed in the crib, such as blankets or toys which may cause the baby to suffocate. Parents should not sleep with their child, either in bed or on the couch.

It is important for friends and family members to remind parents and caregivers about the ABC’s of Safe Sleep, should they see any conditions that cause concern. “Don’t let this happen to you or your family. It only takes one time for tragedy to strike,” said Debbie Lieberman, Montgomery County Commissioner. “We can all do our part to prevent these senseless deaths.”

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