- Montgomery County COVID-19 Risk Level 3 -

Public Health Advises Not to Host or Attend Large Gatherings

Due to the uncontrolled surge of cases of COVID-19 in the area, some of which are linked to large parties, Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County (Public Health) is advising citizens not to host or attend large gatherings. Public Health is receiving reports of numerous graduation and pool parties being held across the Miami Valley. Large gatherings pose a significant risk of the spread of COVID-19. A large gathering is defined as anything more than 10 people.

While private homes are technically exempt from the 10-person gathering limit set forth by the State of Ohio, Public Health is advising that the responsible and safe thing to do would be not to host or attend such events.

If you are a homeowner hosting such an event you are creating a significant risk for you and your guests and endangering the community at large. If you are hosting people at your home, the following actions are strongly advised:

  • Limit the gathering to no more than 10 people
  • Keep a list of names and contact information of all guests
  • Limit the duration of the event to the shortest time possible
  • Have the event outside.
  • Wear masks when you are near someone, even when outside.
  • Keep your distance from others, at least 6 feet apart, but the farther the better.
  • Do not share drinking cups and eating utensils.
  • Do not provide shared food items or buffets.
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