The Research Review Panel serves to:

  • Ensure that all research involving PHDMC data, staff, or clients supports the mission of PHDMC.
  • Ensure that PHDMC staff are active collaborators on all proposals initiated by external researchers, where appropriate.
  • Ensure that the Health Commissioner is aware of the findings from these endeavors and their public health implications.


Note: The Research Review Panel does not take the place of an Institutional Review Board (IRB).  Research involving human subjects requires the review of the IRB.

Timeline and Procedures:

Generally, submissions to the Review Committee must be made at least two weeks prior to initiation of research. Electronic submissions are preferred. Please refer to Files - Research Request below for submission information.

Submissions should include:

  1. Proposal application cover sheet complete with signatures
  2. Summary of proposed research
  3. Confidentiality agreement signed by the principal investigator
  4. Any research tools such as a questionnaire or data collection tool
  5. A copy of documents used to obtain informed consent
  6. If the principal investigator is not an employee of PHDMC, a copy of a curriculum vitae
  7. Copy of Request to Local Registrar if request involves Vital Statistic Information
  8. University IRB approval (if required) or Exemption Form


  • Medical Director
  • Director of Nursing
  • Director of Health Services
  • Director of Public Health Policy and Compliance
  • Public Health Staff with research experience
  • Epidemiologist


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