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Below is a listing of all services available to Montgomery County residents.


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Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County's Addiction Services provides substance use disorder treatment, problem gambling treatment, prevention, and intervention services.  We help individuals and families find a treatment program and a recovery life that works.


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Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County’s Department of Vital Statistics issues birth and death records dating back to 1909 for people born in Montgomery County, Ohio. Certified birth certificates (abstracts) for persons born in the state of Ohio (dating back to 1908) can also be issued. To order copies of birth/death certificates from 1867 through 1908 please contact Montgomery County Archives at (937) 225-6366. The fee for all certified records is $22.00 per copy. Certified checks and money orders should be made payable to Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County. Additionally, customers can purchase records via debit/credit cards, with a surcharge of $2.50 per transaction.

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Important Guidelines

Effective October 15, 2015: For the first five years after a decedent’s death, proof documents are required in order to display the social security number on the death record. This change corresponds with a change in Section 3705.23 (5) of the Ohio Revised Code.

To obtain a copy of a birth/death certificate in Montgomery County you may telephone, write, or visit our office in person(Office in person request have been supended due to COVID-19). To ensure that you receive an accurate record for your request and that your request is filled with all due speed, please follow these steps:

  • Type or print all names and addresses in your letter.
  • Provide complete information on an individual and event for which you need documents.
    • Include all names that may have been used, including nicknames, alternate spellings, etc.
    • List dates and type of event as completely and accurately as possible.
    • Always provide a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • Include the following information with each request:
    • Request date
    • Full name of person (last name in caps)
    • Sex
    • Date of birth/death
    • Place of birth/death (city or town, county, state, and name of the hospital/location, if known)
    • Mother’s maiden name
    • Father’s name
    • Relationship to party
    • Purpose for which the record is needed
    • Requestor’s name & address
    • Requestor’s signature
Other: Contact VitalChek regarding information on their linked page referencing Montgomery County records.

Online Requests for Records

For your convenience, you can process online requests through  VitalChek, an independent company that Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County has partnered with to provide this service. All major credit cards are accepted including American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard®, or Visa® and an additional convenience fee of $7.00 is charged for this service by VitalChek Network, Inc. All requests are sent by regular mail and take up to 5-7 business days, unless express shipping is desired; see costs below:

  • UPS Air (1 Business Day) - $20
  • UPS 2 Day Air - $17.50

For Quickest Service

  • Do not send cash through the mail.
  • Make certified check or money order payable to Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County. (No personal checks accepted.)

Credit Card Orders

  • Online -
  • Phone - Call our office at (937)-496-3117 and a Vital Records Specialist will place the order
  • Mail - Submit a request detailing the following:
    • Certificate Holder’s Name
    • Date of Birth/Death
    • Parent’s Name(s) (Birth Only)
    • Location of Event (City & County)
    • Credit Card Information
      • Name (as it appears on card)
      • Card Number
      • Security # (3-digit number found on the back of card)
      • Expiration Date (MM/YYYY)

Mailing Address

  • Reibold Building 1st Floor, 117 S. Main Street, Dayton OH 45422

Lost Mail Disclaimer

The office of Vital Statistics is not responsible for mail that is delayed or lost. If you believe mail to be lost or delayed please contact USPS for assistance with locating your mail.

Looking for vital records from a foreign country?
Please call (937) 496-3117.

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Information about CarePoint Syringe Services Program.


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The Public Health Epidemiology department collects and analyzes health-related data and information pertaining to the Montgomery County, Ohio's residents and neighborhoods in the form of reports and presentations.


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The Food Protection Program supervises the licensing and inspection of all restaurants, grocery stores, vending machines, mobile food operations, and temporary food operations.


Food Service Sanitarians inspect licensed food service operators and retail food establishments for proper food storage, handling, preparation and serving.


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