• Subline Title: Celebrating Black moms and raising awareness of racial disparities in birth outcomes and conditions that drive inequity in maternal and infant health

Queens Village Dayton is partnering with Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County to celebrate Black Maternal Health Week 2023. Black Maternal Health Week, (BMHW) is an annual week-long campaign (April 11 – 17) founded and led by Black Mamas Matter Alliance (BMMA). The celebration is designed to raise awareness, inspire activism and community-building to amplify the voices, perspectives, and lived experience of Black moms and birthing people.

This year’s theme is Our Bodies Belong to Us: Restoring Black Autonomy and Joy.  In collaboration with Public Health’s Local Office of Minority Health, Queens Village Dayton is standing together with BMMA by hosting events that create opportunities to learn, get involved, and provide a space for Black women to relax, repower, and rise.

According to the Ohio Department of Health, in 2020 Black women in Ohio were two and a half times more likely to die from causes related to pregnancy than White women. Additionally, in 2021 Black babies died at a rate more than 3 times higher than White babies.

Queens Village Dayton fights high rates of infant mortality that disproportionately affect Black women in Dayton. Queens Village Dayton center Black women’s voices on changing not just racial disparities in birth outcomes but also the conditions that drive inequity in maternal and infant health. They provide a safe space for Black mothers to support and be supported by their peers, to connect, to relieve stress, to process trauma and to build a better world together for themselves and our children through events and programming.

Queens Village Dayton will host three events during Black Maternal Health Week in partnership with Public Health’s Local Office on Minority Health, and the EveryOne Reach One Maternal and Infant Vitality Task Force.

  • Queens Village Dayton 4th Trimester Policy Roundtable will be held on Wednesday, April 12 from 6pm - 8pm at Omega Baptist Church and will consist of a panel discussion on the 12-week period after a mother gives birth.
  • Queens Village Dayton Black Maternal and Infant Vitality Podcast Discussion will be a virtual event held on Friday, April 14 at 6pm to discuss joy and healing in Black birth and the podcast Birthright by Kimberly Seals Allers.
  • Queens Village Dayton Black Mamas Field Day and Walk will be held on Saturday, April 15 from 12pm - 3pm at The Hope Center. The event will consist of a walk around The Hope Center in recognition of Black Maternal Health Week and end with food, fun and relaxation!

For more information on Queens Village Dayton email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To register for the events, visit: https://www.phdmc.org/april-is-minority-health-month

Social media handles: Facebook: Queens Village Dayton

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