• Subline Title: Provides Comprehensive Information on the Community’s Current and Past Health Status

Montgomery County’s Community Health Assessment (CHA) is now available online. The CHA provides comprehensive information on the community’s current and past health status, factors contributing to higher health risks and poorer health outcomes, disparities, needs in the community, and community resources available to improve health.

The new online format allows for a more interactive experience as data from different years and for different populations can be selected. This format will also allow Public Health to share more up-to-date information by updating dashboards as new data is released.

The CHA is a valuable resource to local governments, community agencies, healthcare providers and residents to help aid them in identifying priority health issues, developing goals, and selecting strategies to improve individual’s health.

“We encourage organizations and community leaders who seek to improve health outcomes in our community to review the data and use it to help them make informed decisions about program goals and activities,” said Montgomery County Health Commissioner Jennifer Wentzel.

The data comes from multiple sources including surveys and surveillance systems. Using multiple data sources allows for a comprehensive picture of the community.

The CHA will be instrumental in developing the 2023 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). This strategic plan will help guide health-related activities and will be created in consultation with community partners. It will also align with existing regional and state strategic plans.

Data sets found in the CHA are centered around 4 broad categories; Population Characteristics, Behavioral Health, Physical Health and the Social Determinants of Health. The CHA is produced and managed by Public Health’s epidemiology program, data highlights may be found in the Executive Summary.

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