Health Commissioner Jeff Cooper to Retire After 30 Years of Service

After 30 years of service to Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County, including seven as Health Commissioner, Jeff Cooper has announced he will be retiring by the end of this year.

“We are very grateful to have had the leadership of Commissioner Cooper during the biggest public health crisis in our lifetimes,” said Michael Sims, President of the Montgomery County Board of Health. “His dedication and exemplary service during the COVID-19 pandemic is something that all Montgomery County residents have benefitted from.”Prior to becoming Montgomery County Health Commissioner in 2015, Commissioner Cooper served seven years as Assistant to the Health Commissioner, five years as Coordinator of the Emergency Preparedness program and worked for the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency (RAPCA).

Public Health has seen dramatic changes in services and accountability to the public during his tenure, some notable achievements include:

  • Being designated an accredited health agency by the Public Health Accreditation Board
  • Being designated as a Health Equality Index Leader by the Human Rights Council
  • Staff reorganization of Public Health’s program offices, to better align services to the public
  • Guided a renovation and relocation of the Public Health Clinic in the Reibold Building
  • Creation of collective impact models to combat Drug Overdoses, Infant Mortality and Food Access
  • Assuring a competent, diverse, and inclusive workforce by enhancing internal programs
  • Established a Policy and Advocacy Agenda
  • Developed the Community Health Improvement Plan

“I am proud to have been associated with such a dedicated staff and will greatly miss seeing the good work they do every day,” said Health Commissioner Jeff Cooper. “Montgomery County residents should feel confident in the ability of our staff to continue to make Montgomery County a healthy, safe and thriving community.”The process to hire the next Health Commissioner will begin immediately and be led by the Board of Health in coordination with Public Health’s Human Resources department.

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